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Asheville Vaudeville

Genre: Music, Theatre, Comedy, Off-beat

Asheville's LARGEST vaudeville variety show offering fifteen acts of local talent from cabaret and juggling to magic and comedy. In short: we aim not only to astound, to please, and to entertain, but to do so with alarming consistency; to craft a troupe of continually-developing performers and provide exposure to noteworthy new performers and acts; to build and nurture an audience who feel constantly reminded of why they live (and visit!) Asheville; and - ultimately - to instigate a new artistic movement in celebration and continuation of such fine American institutions as variety theatre, burlesque, sideshow and, particularly, vaudeville. Asheville Vaudeville is a charity organization, and donates a third of all proceeds to MANNA Food Bank, a food-distributing nonprofit serving 18 counties in Western North Carolina.
For more information: The Bebe Theatre
20 Commerce St.
Asheville, NC 28801