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Capoeira Asheville

Genre: Music (folk, world, other), Dance, Off-beat

What is Capoeira Angola? Capoeira is an art form that was created by African slaves in Brazil in subtle resistance to an overtly oppressive society. Today capoeira is practiced throughout the world in capoeira academies. The acrobatic kicks, full body movements and theatrics displayed in this dance-fight-game represent improvisational dialogue between the two players, the music and spectators. Capoeira has long been described as a dance-fight-game or "you know, that break-dance fighting." While these descriptions are adequate in noting the asthetics of the capoeira performance, they overlook more subtle aspects of the art such as community, tradition and communication. A capoeira performance requires a large group to work in unison (a community): the performance depends on dancers, singers, musicians and the audience to work together (communication). Finally, the dance-fight requires vast knowledge of the tradition and ritual of capoeira: the ritual is multifaceted and highly structured arena which fosters an environment to encourage improvisational and spontaneous movement. Capoeira Asheville is a community of students/performers who are passionate about the practice, performance and preservation of the traditional form of Capoeira Angola. We offer classes, performances and workshops to the Asheville community at the local level.
For more information: 89 Thompson St
Asheville, NC 28803