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Community Choreography Project

Genre: Dance, Theatre, Off-beat

Choreographer and dancer, Barrie Barton, established The Community Choreography Project, in 2005. CCP is a creative, engaging and creative process representing a synthesis of the participant's life, their stories and the movements that emerge during rehearsal. Each dance and the unfolding unique approach are motivated and inspired by a particular theme. The process invites the dancers to explore their relationship and experiences within a theme, through movement, writing, voice and art. The intersection of the individual and their personal discoveries invoke the bond of community; create fertile ground for emotional power, expressive physicality, playful humor and poignant metaphors reaching to the heart and soul of audience, player and participant. Her inspiring invitation to these projects makes dance and theater available to a large pallet of ages, backgrounds, men and women, experienced or novice dancers alike. Ms. Barton produced Holding Love (2006); Holding Us (2007) and Knock Knock (2009) all full production events at Diana Wortham Theater.
For more information: 4 Mountain View Drive
Weaverville, NC 28787