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Immediate Theatre Project

Genre: Theatre

Immediate Theatre Project exists to create theatre that moves. This means that Immediate Theatre Project (ITP) stages plays simply and directly, allowing the message of the piece to come through clearly. Many of their most successful productions have been simple stagings of classic American texts, such as The Glass Menagerie, All My Sons, and It’s A Wonderful Life, that put the words of the playwright front and center and allow audiences to connect imaginatively with the characters and situations presented onstage, rather than over-whelming the audience with technical spectacle. Part of ITP’s mission is to showcase high quality works of theatre that originate in smaller cities, like Asheville, in larger markets. This encourages real, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships between smaller and larger theatre communities, and discourages the conceit that high quality theatre is found only in places like New York and Chicago. All of this began as an experiment in 2004, when ITP was founded for the purpose of producing Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, which was presented as part of NCSC’s Catalyst Series. The experiment worked, and since then, the company has found their own unique voice in Asheville’s diverse theatrical landscape, producing plays in numerous venues in Asheville and around the Southeast.
For more information: 15 Stage Lane
Asheville, NC 28801