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Richard Shulman Trio

Genre: Music (jazz)

The RS Trio is: Richard Shulman - piano Mike Holstein - bass Sonny Thornton - Drums The RS Trio primarily performs the "Sky Jazz" of composer Richard Shulman as represented by our CD of the same name, along with our favorite standards from the Great American Songbook. Richard Shulman and Sky Jazz By Dr. Judith Schlesinger “Sky Jazz” is Richard Shulman’s new genre of music. Recorded by his North Carolina trio, it combines the traditional jazz elements of harmony, pulse, and improvisation with the deliberate goal of soothing and inspiring the listener. Full of melody and swing, the music delights on its own, while helping people to relax, meditate, and even heal. I’ve been reviewing jazz for two decades and listening for more than four. During this time I’ve probably heard it in every incarnation: mainstream, third stream, and slipstream; hot and cool; free, Latin, world, and fused with everything from Chopin to hip-hop. But I’ve never encountered jazz with such strong spiritual intent. The closest was the urgent questing of saxophone legend John Coltrane -- not surprisingly, one of Richard’s major influences -- although Sky Jazz inspires a much sunnier and more serene kind of reflection.

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