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Feral Chihuahuas

Genre: Theatre, Comedy, Off-beat

Drawing from several different styles, the Feral Chihuahuas love to create sketch comedy with social and political commentary, absurdism, satire and even existentialism. Their biggest influences are disparate but notable and include: Monty Python, Mr. Show, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Kids in the Hall and numerous other non traditional sources. With a nod to Lenny Bruce, they are also known to push the bounds of comedy to at times an offensive level. Not without a purpose, a message is often embedded in even the most disturbing moments. The Chihuahuas have performed at numerous Sketch Comedy Festivals around the country including Shadowbox Sketchfest in Columbus, Ohio and The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.  Working hard not to skimp on production value, a Chihuahuas show is always a multimedia affair; complete with live sketches, detailed sound effects, elaborate costumes, music, well crafted video sketches, songs and yes, they own lots of wigs.
For more information: Asheville, NC